Porto Diakofti - hotel

Hotel Porto Diakofti

It is a great pleasure to welcome you to the official website of the 3-star Hotel Porto Diakofti, which is set in the seaside resort of Diakofti, in the uniquely magnificent island of Kythira.

Our furnished apartments can be found only 80m from the sea and in very close vicinity to Diakofti's beach (200m), the one with the sparkling, green waters and the white sand. Beyond the shadow of a doubt, it constitutes an ideal environment for relaxing and restful holidays.

Cythera, Kythera, Kythira or Kithira, since it is a crossroad of people, cultures and oceans, cannot help but present strong contrasts in its development, which make each visit a unique experience. The outstanding beauty of our island, which is characterized by a fierce battle between the wild and the gentle side of nature, composes a dazzling resort, where visitors can enjoy, among others, golden beaches, picturesque alleys, Venetian castles, steep shores, imposing monasteries and breathtaking waterfalls.

This marvelous puzzle of your vacations can be completed by a first class stay in our cozy and warm resort, where we have been offering top quality services and accessible luxury for the last 15 years.