STARTING POINT:  The central square of Mylopotamos

MAIN SIGHTS:  Waterfalls, watermills, including Filippi’s restored watermill, Old stone bridges and lagoons


This is one of the most famous paths of Kythera. The path starts at the central square of the picturesque Mylopotamos village. It follows the old paved path to the unexpectedly impressive waterfall called “Neraida”. From there, one can follow the creek until the beach of Kalami. After about 300meters, you will reach the beautifully restored watermill of Fillipis, where the owner, Fillipas, will be happy to guide you around the mill and explain you how people used the water force to grind barley and wheat in the old times.

Further down, you will pass through abandoned watermills. If you stop walking and look around these haunted mills, you might manage to travel back in time. Who knows! Sometimes you get the impression of listening peoples voices. Soon, you’ll realise that the sounds come from the water that drops abruptly as it goes down in this narrow valley, creating every now and then small waterfalls and beautiful lagoons. Difficult to resist in a quick and… frozen swim in the crystal clear waters of the creek.

After about 1km, you will reach two old stone bridges connecting watermills. It is impressive how they resist in time. You can also get inside the abandoned watermills. Be aware of danger though. The buildings are in ruins and can hide dangers. About 10 minutes walking down from the last bridge, you’ll reach the end of the proposed path. Those who wish can continue walking down the creek. However, please note that it is quite difficult to walk it down. Sometimes you might need to use climbing ropes. If you continue, you’ll reach the beautiful church of Panagia Orfani, built inside a cave overlloking the creek, and from there, at about another hours walking distance, you’ll reach the beach of Kalami.  Those who will take the way back to Mylopotamos, we have designed the path in such a way so you dont have to walk it back from the same way. If you follow the signs you will get onto a old path with impressive stone steps. If you look at them carefully, you will realise how much attention the builder gave to details!

After about 20 minutes of walking uphill, you will get back to the tarmac road leading to the central square of Mylopotamos. We are absolutely sure that this trail will be memorable to you! Especially if you walk it during a hot summer day!

Tips! You can combine this walk with a visit to the Castle of Kato Chora.