STARTING POINT: The old hospital of Potamos

MAIN SIGHTS:   Potamos, Trifylianika, Paliochora, Kakia Lagada Gorge


From Potamos, one of Kythera’s central villages, a path leads to the ruins of the island’s medieval capital, Paleochora. The route passes through the settlement of Melitianika, where a beautifully crafted kalderimi (cobbled path) leads to a small church with a manger built into one of its walls. This same cobblestoned path leads on to the village of Trifyllianika. From here, a small detour leads to the famous fountain of the village. From Trifyllianika to Paleochora, the scenery is truly magical. Winding up and down over the small hills of the region, crossing small creeks and streams, the attentive walker will discover pools with water and small waterfalls, well-hidden from those in a hurry to reach their goal, the Castle. The fortified city of Paleochora, once known as St. Demetrios, is one of the most impressive sights to be found on Kythera. The city was abandoned in 1537 under the attack of Barbarossa, leaving countless derelict homes and churches to haunt the formidable gorge of Kakia Lagkada, with a cliff face bordering on 200 meters in height.

Tips! It is strongly suggested that you plan your walking on that trail for Sunday. Every Sunday morning, at the central square of Potamos village, you will find an open air market (“pazari” in Greek).