The Monastery of Osios (Holy) Theodoros lies within a verdant area between the villages of Logothetianika, Aroniadika and Pitsinades. It is the place where Osios Theodoros, the island’s patron saint, lived as a monk in the10th century AD. Osios Theodoros was from Koroni and came from Monemvasia to the island to live ascetically. He was raised and educated in Nafplion, where he got married and had two children. His great desire to become a monk led him first to Rome and then to Monemvasia. From there he came to Kythera around 921 AD and lived in the ancient church of Agioi Sergios and Bakchos. He died in 922 AD; his relic was found by Monemvasian sailors a few years later. The Monastery was built in his honor at the place of his burial during the period Georgios Pachis from Monemvasia was the governor of Kythera. The Bishop of Kythera, Athanasios Valerianos, renovated the temple around 1630, making a few alterations: he added a bell tower over the main entrance and built in a shield with an inscription indicating his name. During Venetocracy the monastery of Osios Theodoros was the seat of the diocese. The grand roman-style building in the courtyard served as a boys’ school in the years of British rule; it is the famous peer tutoring school of Osios Theodoros.