Privacy Policy


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Maintenance of the users’ personal data in the website is controlled by the relevant greek legislation (Laws 2472/1997, 2774/1999, 2819/2000, 3471/2006) regarding privacy protection, as well as the european General Data Protection Regulation – GDPR – 25/05/2018). You can browse without submitting any piece of personal information. This will be required in case of placing an accommodation request or an actual booking, by means of a contact or booking or electronic check-in (e-check-in) form. All personal information submitted by the website visitors is used only by authorized administrative staff of Hotel Porto Diakofti, in order to provide answers to questions and/or process booking requests. No personal information is revealed whatsoever to any other third party, but it is accessible only by certified users and is kept in secure encrypted archives, up to 2 years after your last visit to our hotel. You retain the right to withdraw your conscent and require your personal data deletion at any time.

The aim of collecting your private data is:

  1. To contact you, provide you with answers to your inquiries and serve your bookings.
  2. To improve and upgrade the quality of our services towards our guests.
  3. To inform our guests about our news and offers (if the guest opts in so).
  4. To protect the general population from the spread of the COVID-19 pandemic.

Check-out and damage report

Check-out time is until 11:00 am, on the day of the guests’ departure. At the check-out process, the guest hands over the room keys to the hotel’s front desk staff and payoff of the booking is conducted. Also, any damage or breakage that may have occurred within the hotel’s premises has to be declared and compensated.


The Management of the hotel does not take any responsibility for any loss of valuables kept in the rooms. All valuable items should be kept in the room’s safety box, at the responsibility of their owner.

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