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The waterfall of “Fonissa” in Kythira that keeps a..”deep” secret

There is a sign bearing the name Neraida, waterfall in the picturesque village of Mylopotamos in Kythira


And if you wonder if there is indeed a waterfall on the island of Aphrodite, the photos below will surely convince you that it’s not a lie. It is an idyllic landscape, full of streets, amidst a ravine of lush poplar and plane trees.

The myth of the “Fonissa” waterfall in Kythira

However, the waterfall of “Fairy” or “Fonissa”,as it is also known throughout the story,has a myth. According to it, the name “Fonissa” originated when two women fought at the top of the cliff where the water falls and one of them pushed the other and killed her.

When walking by,you will also see the abandoned watermills, as well as the natural … pools preferred by visitors. The landscape is reminiscent of a true fairy tale and if you ever find yourself in Kythira it is worthwhile to reach this earthly paradise created by nature.

Among the tall plane trees, the Fonissa waterfall pops up

The water at Kythira’s waterfall runs nonstop offering a unique experience to those who choose to visit it.

Source: iefimerida

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