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A sea cave in Kythira that looks like a pool

A sea cave in kythira that looks like a pool

It hides in a small rocky island right in front of the gulf of Kapsali

The reason for Hytra,known as Egg,a rocky island that hides countless surprises to those who will choose to visit it.

Across the bay of Kapsali, the port of Chora in Kythira, a lone rock stands in the middle of the sea, making impressions and admiration to the visitors of the island.

Inside it,crystal,clear like a pool’s water, make up one of the most impressive spots around the island.

An incomparable natural beauty landscape appears in front of the tourists who board on the boat that departs from Kapsali and makes excursions to Chytra.

The sea cave that is shaped in the southern part of the islet is the perfect destination for dives, while at the end of it you can see a shelter for seals!

Also,at the rocks of Chytra,a protected species of falcon,”Mavropetritis”,finds its shelther there.

On the same ground,the local flower “SiempreViva” grows and it means “Life for ever”.

It is collected every June by locals who know the difficult paths of the islet.

Source: A sea cave in Kythira that looks like a pool