The passage to the Green Lake

Green Lake is the a marvel of nature, a place of unique beauty in Kythira!

Each trail hides its own very special adventure and this one was no exception. It’s definitely one of Kythira’s hidden jewels that takes your breath away!

The trail begins after the very last house of the  the dirt road  of Limnionas beach. You turn left a few meters before   the road ends  and  continue straight ahead until you first see the first pole. The  path isn’t clear so don’t get discouraged if you miss  a few signs.  After the first poles you will see a  series of blue marks rocks on branches and  towers of rocks along the way. The path is relatively easy  if you have a decent pair of shoes (trail shoes ideally) and a pair of long trousers. You will meet  a lot of short prickly  bushes along the way. And then a few steep rocks to climb down. The first part of the trail is higher by the coast until you reach the  last part of the journey where it involves a little bit of climbing. Not something too extreme but you have to feel confident enough physically. For some people it could  be too physically demanding.

Without the shadow of a doubt, the spectacle of the lagoon compensates you for every single (hard) step you took trying to reach there!